squad goals


So a girl in my class said Chang to Calum.
I spit in her bag.
*sectetly proud*


i want to see mikey and ash interact more because 98% of their conversations look like this


to things that never lived


to things that never lived


i don’t think i could be like michael with that shade of red hair bc i could never wear any color other than like black white and gray bc it would clash


but today this girl in my history class was talking about 5SOS with, at one point she just goes, “isn’t ashton the one with the lip ring?” i just looked at her like she had seven heads.

but after that, in lunch, my friend was also talking with me about them and she calls calum CALVIN. again, i just stared at her until finally she looks back over at me, and is like “what?” i just shook my head and kept eating my meal.

I was kind of like:


Yes, if there’s anyone you should take swimming advice from, it’s definitely not 5sos 


if scared micahel isn’t the fucking cutest thing ever you’re lying!


2/? of my favorite 5sos moments

one of my all time favorite cake moments tbh